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The WarmWood Company designed a nature display
of full size trees for the Missouri River Regional Library's
brand new branch in Linn, Mo.

For the library, this is still a project in progress.
We provided them a starting point.

This corner display is intended to be the centerpiece
of the children's section.

Commercial & Public Displays

The library needed full size trees, hollowed out for electrical connections. See the process below.

Select and harvest the tree.

Cut in half down the center.

Hollow it out.

Prep for finish.

Apply a furniture-grade finish.

Final product installed. The plan is to add branches to the tree to enhance the Missouri River outdoors theme...

Gluing up the planks for a corner display for the library children's section.

Corner display installed.

...and now we are adding branches!

See below.

Do the branches fit?

Personal Touch to Children's Section

Adding Branches to a Library Tree.

Claudia Cook, Director of the Missouri River Regional Library ( Linn Branch ) has requested that The WarmWood Company continue on the interior design "tree" project, by adding branches.

The library is known for its display of art and support for local artists. They even have a "Woodland Art Gallery."

In keeping with that theme, the "outdoorsy" atmosphere continues to build as Artist, Craig Newmann with The WarmWood Company and Rock Island Trades, LLC puts forth his best effort to reproduce natural-looking branches that must also be strong and safe to display indoors.

The WarmWood Company is a project of Rock Island Trades, LLC.

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The Calm of Nature.
The Warmth of Wood.