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We encourage commerce and improve our customers' lives by providing affordable, simple support services regarding the integrated use of smart phones with computer systems and other technology.

Like many people, we are home and small business technology users. We don't want to spend any unnecessary time on complicated learning curves and devices. All we want is to be organized, efficient, connected, and secure.

Many find technology confusing. But we know that technology SHOULD and CAN be easy for the average home and small business user to learn, use, and maintain.

Technology CAN be your friendly partner, and NOT an intimidating obstacle.

We will help you choose and use the right tools for the right jobs, with simple strategies designed just for you.

Whether it's high-tech, low-tech, or no-tech, our goal is to control costs, reduce complexity, and minimize downtime.

And, of course, we provide continued support as needed to keep you running smoothly.


Computer Systems

• We resolve everyday problems;
• Help you plan for future needs...
• ...and avoid common mistakes;
• We simplify & teach;
• Help you select & purchase;
• Setup and/or restore;
• Teleconference;
• Backup systems;
• Install devices;
• Network.

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"My wife and I have used Craig Newmann for several years to work on our computer systems and have found him to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He has seen us through several systems as our need for updating and expanding has increased. Craig is very reliable and quick to research for answers if needed. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone as being a dependable computer technician. We look forward to continuing to use him in the future."

Long-time customer and accounting assistant - Puchta Winery, Hermann, MO

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Wireless Security

• Talk to us about this and other technologies. 573-821-0575

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