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Fundraiser Incentives

Maximize Donations to Your Fund Raising Efforts.


What is "theme-driven?'

Well, a library creates a donor wall of "books." A pet shelter offers engraved pet collars and leashes. A hiking club offers engraved hiking sticks and canteens. That's theme-driven.

We help maximize fund raising efforts by manufacturing theme-driven products tailored precisely to client needs and ideas. Do you have a creative idea for fund raising and need to offer donors an incentivizing product that will make it all work? We want to help.

We brainstorm with you, then custom-design, manufacture, and/or engrave theme-driven products, large and small, few or many, that help you incentivize donations to your fund raising efforts. We specialize in engraved items for fund raising auctions and large-scale donor recognition efforts such as donor walls and donor walks.

And we are already helping local non-profits.

We designed and are now producing faux books ends and shelves - engraved with donor names - for all nine branches of the Scenic Regional Libraries here in mid-Missouri AND the brand new branch of The Missouri River Regional Libraries in Linn, Mo.

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Our latest and best photos

Donor walls and more...

Donor Wall

Scenic Regional Library, Owensville, MO PLUS eight more branches.

Donors for a bookshelf AND...look in the background. We created a full size tree installed in the middle of  the library.

Missouri River Regional Library, Linn, MO.


Fundraiser projects.

We create items for auctions, donation premiums, and donor recognition.

And there are very few limits to the kinds of creative products we can produce to help incentivize donor participation. These photos represent some of the products we’ve already produced.

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Auction Coffee Table

Donor Walk or Wall

Auction Bread Board

Auction Bench

Bench Close-up

Donor Wall

Incentive Mugs

Incentive Tumblers