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We custom-manufacture and custom-laser-engrave products for industry, manufacturing, marketing, retail, packaging, gifts - large or small, few or many - at a competitive price, with efficient and friendly service.

From engraved barcodes to brand labels and more.

In general, we are specialists in manufacturing engraved products made of finished/painted wood, leather, and/or steel (or a combination of all three).

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Mass Production

We are prepared to design and manufacture one beautiful large piece, or a thousand small pieces mass produced.

Example: A few pieces of maple are transformed into marketable products. See below right.

Products that make money.

Ten libraries in mid-Missouri receive substantial donations for these faux book ends that we manufacture.

Industrial Engrave & Manufacturing creates or customizes products at low cost so that you can sell at a sustainable profit.

Unlimited Possibilities

Our suppliers in the laser engraving industry allow us to offer a huge variety of engraved off-the-shelf products customized to your needs. These products include but are not limited to: mugs, tumblers, glasses, bottles, monuments, bricks, granite, slates, and much, much more.

Imagination is the only limitation.




Large or Bulky

Size and shape is usually not an issue. We can engrave very small or large - up to 28x16 inches.

Nearly any material including wood, plastic, leather, ceramics, masonry, granite, more.

Engraved top of log...

...and side of log, too.

Engrave Masonry

Even granite.

more about what we can do.

Our Equipment

Our in-house equipment:
• BIG Laser Engraver - capable of engraving nearly anything, any size including bulky large objects with images up to 28”x16” (or bigger with multiple passes);

• Saw Mill - We use this to create large wood items such as fireplace mantels, large wooden signs, thick wood slabs for oversized plaques, tables, stools, benches, and more;

• Fully-equipped wood shop;

• Basic metal fabrication shop;

• Basic blacksmithing station for small ornamental ironwork;

• Paint & finish booth;

• Basic leather working equipment.

We are always expanding and willing to invest in specialized equipment for large or consistent orders.

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