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This page sponsored by Craig Newmann, real estate agent:

Mantels PLUS

Go With The Grain.
Custom-Milled Large Wood Slabs
for Architectural Projects
& Remodels.


Rough-milled or finished.

See the process below.

Select a beautiful log.

Pictured here: hickory

Customer needed a 14" wide hickory mantel with a live edge. We checked our inventory, Customers can select cedar, oak, hickory, elm, and possibly others.

It's MILLING time.

Rough cut the log on the sawmill.

This stage is the most important because the technician must select the best cut from the log.

Fresh off the mill.

Completely rough cut mantel

At this point the mantel is ready to be planed and cut to length.

Plane to refine thickness.

It takes a big industrial planer.

This phase of the project is optional. The customer chooses rough-cut or planed.

Apply a beautiful finish.

Live Edge Cedar Mantel

This customer wanted a baby-smooth but rustic cedar mantel with live edge. 10"x4". No problem.

Rough Milled Elm

Live Edge, Rustic

Hard-core rustic enthusiast love gnarly characteristics like this huge knothole on one end of this large cut elm mantel.


"I sent Craig photos of my existing mantel and living room. From that, Craig designed a gorgeous new cedar, live-edge mantel to better match my decor. I love it, and my friends do, too!"

- Home Owner/Flooring Specialist

Sky is the limit...

We get all our timber from reclaimed sources: dead, down, and surplus.

And when you have a huge pile of logs like this one, the sky is the limit.

Architectural projects, beams & timbers, stair treads, counter/table tops, remodels, more.


More then just mantels...

Oversized quality wood slabs.

Milled to your specs for: architectural projects, timbers, beams, planks, mantels, counters, stairs, tables, benches, displays, more.

• Live or milled edge
• Rough-milled or finished
• Random width or dimensioned.

Reclaimed from surplus, dead & down timber, promoting healthy forests.

See below.

Elm Slabs

Over 2" thick. Up to 26" wide.

Imagine what can be done with these beautiful large slabs.

Hickory Milled for Bunkbeds

by customer request

Very few wood species match the beauty and strength of hickory.

Hickory Bunkbeds Installed

Space saver.

The strength of hickory allows for smaller framing, saving space in a small room.

Stairwell Remodel

Thick Slab Stair Treads

Check out these beautiful wide, thick slabs being prepared for the stairwell seen in the background.

Premium Select Architectural Grade Wide Elm Slabs

For New or Remodel

We hand-select.

Finished Stairwell

Thick Elm Slabs

Add a touch of class with custom-milled elm.

Rustic Grade

Naturally Distressed

Our last purchaser used rustic grade to wrap a steel beam in a flooring business remodel.

Table Tops

Modern Farmhouse

Slab-styled table tops.