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Governor Parson Makes Announcement Regarding "Rails to Trails" for the Rock Island Corridor.

Rock Island Trades hits the tracks with many new local services 

Scroll down to get a brief rundown on new local services.

Also, BIG NEWS!.... Rock Island Trades is offering low-cost and sometimes FREE assistance to help small business starters to get over some common hurdles.

The WarmWood Co. installed 10' tall trees in local library

Missouri River Regional Library in Linn, MO hired the WarmWood Company to design full size tree displays for their new library branch.

Local Library Adds New Branches, Literally!

The Missouri River Regional Library in Linn, MO installed tree displays and now The WarmWood Company is manufacturing branches to complete the effect.

Craig Newmann, founder of Rock Island Trades is now a Real Estate Agent...

...with Results Realty and Auction, Mark James, Broker/Owner.

Land, Lifestyle, Country Homes, Rural Town Homes, and Commercial Properties.

Budget Computer HELP! and Tech

During times of inflation, we can all use some low-cost services. Get steep discounts on computer services by participating with Rock Island Trades.

Engraving!  ( with laser! )

We now have a local engraver that works on both industrial and personal projects!

"Fundraiser Incentives" now in 10 local library branches 

Non-profits and businesses alike may need help coming up with and manufacturing clever incentives to bring in new funding. That service is now up and running!

Mantels PLUS custom-milled large slabs of hardwood for interior projects

It's not easy to find custom-milled large slabs of gorgeous hardwood. Luckily, our community can obtain locally.

Rock Island Wood Signs in Design Stage for Local Library

The Missouri River Regional Library is essentially brand new. The interior design is a work in project. SIGNS are on the agenda, and local company is working on it!

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