This image commemorates the day we pulled around two dozen cedar trees out of the woods with our horse, Festus, to begin our woodworking business, The WarmWood Company. The image was pulled from a poor quality photo, but we did it. This image went on to become a part of The WarmWood Company logo, as well as a beloved art piece for our family.

Memories Engraving

In general, we are specialists in manufacturing engraved products made of finished/painted wood, leather, and/or steel (or a combination of all three).

But we can engrave nearly any kind of material from wood to crystal, engraving phrases and images either very small, or very large up to 28"x16", even on awkward, bulky items.

Crystal goblets, wine bottles, gun stocks, stones, monuments. Just name it and just ask.

We have commemorated weddings, loved ones, victories, accomplishments, and so much more.

Unlimited Possibilities

Our suppliers in the laser engraving industry allow us to offer a huge variety of engraved off-the-shelf products customized to your needs. These products include but are not limited to: mugs, tumblers, glasses, bottles, monuments, bricks, granite, slates, and much, much more.

Imagination is the only limitation.



Commemorative Wood Slice

Large or Bulky

Size and shape is usually not an issue. We can engrave very small or large - up to 28x16 inches.

Nearly any material including wood, plastic, leather, ceramics, masonry, granite, more.

Engraved top of log...

...and side of log, too.

Engrave Masonry

Even granite.


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