Keep it Simple.

Our goal is to help you "prevent, simplify, and learn."

• Prevent computer shut-downs.
• Prevent loss of data.
• Prevent theft of both physical and digital property.
• Reduce complexity and costs.

While we are perfect for small business start-ups, most clients are in midstream and just need some help.

Often by the time our new clients call, something is broken. So, yes, we fix the immediate problem first.

We provide our in-shop and on-site prices once we have assessed your needs.

In some cases we offer a sliding scale price structure to support those in economically blighted areas, or who are suffering a financial hardship.

If we can advise you of an effective but cheaper way forward other than hiring a professional service, we will. For instance, sometimes all the customer needs is help speaking the tech language with their existing technical support services.

Our clients benefit the most by asking "Will this happen again?"

Our highest value to you is in "prevention."

We develop a simple strategy best fit to your circumstances.

We assess, design, develop, implement, evaluate, teach, and support.

This is proven effective for both home and business tech-economics.

Repair vs. New
Technology is very affordable. Often repair is more costly than purchasing new. When this occurs, we will let you know. And we will walk you through your next, most cost-effective steps.

If repair is right for you, we will find the best way forward.

Call and let's discuss your needs.

(573) 821-0575

ACE Tech Assist


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